Thank you for coming by my blog.  I am Brian Berberet CFA, CFP®.  I have been in the Institutional and Personal Wealth Investment Management industry for over 20 years.  My focus for the past twelve years is giving financial advice to individuals and families.

I think dealing with one’s financial well being is pretty much like everything else in life.  Like one’s physical health, emotional well being, and spiritual growth, nothing worthwhile is easy.  All of us can look as someone else who seemingly has had it so easy, from meeting the perfect mate to landing the perfect job with great options to just being  born so rich that one will never really have to ever worry about any financial needs.  Having seen and worked on many circumstances, no one ever really seems to have it all that easy and everything has strings attached and challenges.

My final conclusion with money and finances is that its like a fitness routine and maintaining a healthy relationship.  It takes consistent ongoing effort, being present, and never stopping to make it work.  Sure take a rest, enjoy what you have achieved, but just keep working.

I look forward to sharing with you some thoughts, ideas, and some very practical ways of toning up one’s finances to help achieve a well balanced satisfied life.

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