Luck is the Residue of Design

There seems to be the American Dream of striking it rich.  While some folks are born rich and other really luck out, most financially stable folks did it over a long time. Also just because you become rich is no guarantee  that you will stay rich.  There is a bit of a crisis among retired NFL players running out of money shortly after retirement.

My focus will on how you can increase your financial well being over time.  Once you are at a financial circumstance that you are satisfied with, the conjoined issue is maintaining your financial fitness.

My best metaphor for financial fitness is that is is much like physical fitness.  No crash diets, no extreme workouts, rather ongoing consistent caloric monitoring and diligent rigorous working out wins the game.

The more disciplined you are with your money and the more you invest in yourself and your business and/or professional efforts will very likely payoff in time. Nose to the grindstone and all that stuff.

When I see a Mercedes or a Rolex, I also see just that much less which could have possibly been invested in another area with very likely higher monetary, emotional or spiritual returns. Ok, so I am a judgmental jerk 🙂

Nothing wrong with having some nice things.  Likewise nothing wrong within within one’s means even if that means even if that means wearing a Seiko and driving an older Honda.

Finally, being financially fit is a part of a greater goal.  Being a deceit caring loving human being wins the game.


1 thought on “Luck is the Residue of Design”

  1. I am looking forward to following this blog. My financial goal is to move closer to financial independence and retire early (around 50-55). Hopefully you can touch on what lessons you have learned and maybe some recommendations for investment towards the future. I am a millennial and I see a large amount of poor financial practices among my generation so I think blogs like this one are very important to many people’s future, unfortunately no financial literacy classes are provided in public education so the more information that gets out there about PF the better.


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